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Resources Invested for Development Education - Easing the RIDE for care providers of individuals with disabilities and learning differences.


By Parents for Parents

Each RIDE team member has personal experience navigating through medical, social, and educational systems and fiercely advocating for our own children and loved ones, so you can be sure that the support you are receiving is backed by experience. We also provide additional peer support via our online community, where you can meet other caretakers like you, share stories, and ask for recommendations and advice.

Knowledge is Power

Say goodbye to frantic web searching, and hello to RIDE's one-stop-shop. We provide access to a centralized hub of resources and information on getting your child everything they need to thrive - from obtaining a diagnosis to coordinating services with regional centers, and everything In between. Our team ensures that you have someone by your side on the 'RIDE,' every step of the way.

Individualized Case Management

Whether your child has already been diagnosed, you suspect there may be a developmental delay, or you need help advocating for your child within the school system, RIDE will evaluate and assess your needs to develop an individual advocacy plan (IAP) designed to maximize your child’s access to services and support.

Innovative Support Programs

At RIDE, we know it takes a village to raise a child, especially one with a disability and/or learning difference. We provide access to a unique set of programs and tools to ensure that your child's development and needs are supported not just within your home,  but also in the outside world in settings like school, sports, and social environments. Our team has developed programs and tools such as the RIDE Kid Kard, RIDE (sensory) Rooms, the RIDE Curriculum & RIDE IQ Professional Development Training, and even our very own YouTube Channel for kids. Ask us about our available programs for more information!

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