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Resources Invested for Development Education - Easing the RIDE for care providers of individuals with disabilities and learning differences.

Dr. Güez Salinas


When my best friend and long time colleague Susie told me about her struggles obtaining disability services for her son, I encouraged her to document her journey to help other parents facing the same challenges. Combining my business and philanthropic expertise with her experience in case management and firsthand experience as a parent to children with disabilities, RIDE was born. 

I am a US Marine, Polymath, and Political Scientist, holding Bachelors degrees in Political Science and Philosophy from Stanford University, and a Masters degree in International Relations and an interdisciplinary PhD from the University of Southern California with a cyber-security specialization and certification from USC’s Viterbi School of Engineering. I did my tutorial in International Political Economy at Oxford University studying the moral hazard issues contributing to the 2008 financial crisis. My primary research areas focus primarily (but are not limited to) cyber-security and artificial intelligence policy. 

In addition to my academic work, I am the Director Emeritus of The Polymathic Academy for Training in the Humanities & Sciences (PATH), a mentorship organization for young futurists. 

I am also the Co-founder and Executive Director of LEWIS (Law Enforcement Work Inquiry System), a nonprofit organization building a bridge between law enforcement and the communities they have sworn to protect and serve, advocating for equal treatment and mutual respect.


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