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Resources Invested for Development Education - Easing the RIDE for care providers of individuals with disabilities and learning differences.

Jessica Orozco Barajas

Advocacy Director

Working with children and their families throughout my career highlighted not only ethnic and racial disparities across different settings, but also provided me with insight as to why people who share similar life circumstances end up with different prognoses and outcomes. With a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and a post Master's certificate from CSUN in Applied Behavioral Analysis, I have had almost 15 years of experience working as a clinician serving clients between ages 0-15. I quickly learned that people who could advocate for themselves or had someone who could advocate for them almost always had better outcomes than those who did not. My journey advocating for my two children on the Autism spectrum makes advocating for children with developmental disabilities very dear to my heart. My personal and professional expertise allow me to bring a unique and passionate perspective as RIDE’s Advocacy Director.


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