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Resources Invested for Development Education - Easing the RIDE for care providers of individuals with disabilities and learning differences.

Susie Garcia, MBA

Co-Founder & Executive Director

RIDE is an organization born from my frustration while navigating the process of obtaining a diagnosis and fighting for proper services to meet my son Sammy’s needs. A graduate from UCLA with a B.A. in International Economics and an MBA from Loyola Marymount University with over 15 years in business management experience, I considered myself well equipped to manage the task at hand. Through this challenging process, I realized that there is an urgent need for a centralized hub to help parents and care providers for children with developmental disabilities access necessary resources. I am excited to combine my experience in business and case management with the personal knowledge I have gained through my family’s personal “ride” advocating for my son Sammy and stepson Jaden, who is also on the Autism spectrum. My goal is to help equip families with the necessary tools to successfully advocate for their children's rights so that they can thrive! 


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